I want to hire a helper already in Singapore: how much does it cost and what does it cover?

Transparent breakdown of our fees for transfer helpers

A transfer hiring is possible when the helper is in Singapore and her current employer agrees to transfer her to a prospective employer.

Our one-time pricing of $734 for the hiring of a transfer helper includes: 

  • Service Fee - $395. We handle the entire hiring process with all necessary documentation and queries - this includes the preparation of the employment contract and safety agreement, taking care of the work permit application and issuance as well as purchasing the medical insurance and security bond on your behalf. All documents are signed electronically for your convenience and we also handle the communication and coordination with the Ministry of Manpower and all relevant parties involved.

  • MOM Fee - $70, at real cost: Work permit application and issuance administrative fee

  • Insurance - basic coverage starts from $269, at real cost: We selected NTUC Income and FWD as our partners based on the assessment of the quality of the coverage, the customer support and the best value-for-money.

If your future helper is abroad, click here to see the pricing plans and what it covers.

If you are still looking for a helper from our agency, you can purchase online our Premium plan (from $29) to have immediate access to all helpers’ phone numbers for 10 days or 30 days. You can contact helpers directly to interview them conveniently at your place or our office.

If you are unsure about which service is suitable for your needs, get in touch with us at support@wearecaring.com and we will be happy to assist. 

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