How do I make an offer to a helper and what are the terms I have to include?

Breakdown of important terms to include when making an offer.

In terms of making an offer, it is always good to formally discuss the following with the prospective helper:

1. What is the agreed salary?

2. What is the off day arrangement? Are all public holidays off? (75% of our customers would consider them days off)

3. If there is a food allowance:

- If yes: usually $40/50 a week and the helper will exclusively buy her own food;

- If not: the helper would be able to access your fridge/pantry and add some items for herself when she buys groceries.

Additional points to consider when making an offer:

- Discuss home leave duration and recurrence (whether paid or unpaid;

- Discuss curfew if any;

- Discuss mobile phone policy if any;

- Estimated start date: make sure your timelines are aligned;

- Review of a sample schedule for your helper. This weekly schedule should provide an understanding of what happens on each day of the week.

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