Am I eligible for a levy concessionary rate?

Employers are eligible for the $60 levy concessionary rate if they meet certain criteria.

The concessionary levy rate is $60 per month. 

As an employer, you can qualify for levy concession if: 

  • You live with a young child below 16 years old who is a Singapore citizen
  • You live with an elderly person who is at least 67 years old who is a Singapore citizen
  • You live with person with disabilities (PWD). It must be certified by Singapore-registered doctor to require help with at least 1 activity of daily living (ADL), such as showering, feeding, dressing or toileting.
  • You are a married woman/divorcees/widow with school going children

The levy concession continues to be granted for one FDW per eligible person in the household and capped at two per household.

Existing FDW employers who now qualify under the revised criteria should submit an application through MOM’s website.

You can find out more information on whether you qualify for levy concession here and here.

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