I might terminate the contract with my helper. What should I do?

Our agency is able to assist you in transferring your helper and hiring a new helper
  • Terminating the contract

If you wish to terminate the contract with your helper, the suggested first step is to speak to your helper and discuss the various options together. The notice period as indicated in the employment contract should also be observed. This allows a smooth transition for both parties. The next step is to transfer her to another employer, if you and your helper both agree on this arrangement. 

To do so, you have to provide consent of transfer to let her work for a new employer. You can do so here. While your helper is looking for an employer, she will continue working for you and receiving her salary. If your experience with your helper was favourable, you can also consider writing a recommendation letter and providing her with it. 

If your helper is returning home and not transferring to another employer, please take note of the following:

  • Agree on the last day of work with your helper

  • Settle all outstanding employment issues, such as paying of salary

  • Ensure that your helper has a valid passport

  • Employers have to purchase a direct air ticket for their helper to the international airport in her home country, nearest to the hometown 

  • Finding a replacement helper

We will provide full assistance in the event you wish to hire another helper with us to replace your current helper. As we will be starting a new work permit processing, standard service fees will still apply. Please contact us at support@wearecaring.com for further assistance. We do not provide 'free replacements' - other agencies which do often charge high upfront fees for the first hire. Instead, we opt for transparent pricing and promote long-term employment relations whenever possible. Please also note that you might be able to receive either a full or prorated insurance refund based on the validity period of the insurance.

For further assistance, please contact us at support@wearecaring.com.

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