Why is there no start date on the employment contract?

There is no start date on the employment contract as the official start of employment is aligned with the day the helper's work permit is issued.

An employment contract between helpers and employers does not have a designated start date. The official start date of employment of the helper will be the date of issuance of her work permit. 

The duration of the employment contract will follow the duration of the work permit validity which is 2 years. 

There can also be a shorter contract duration of 1 year and in such cases, the mandatory helper insurance with a term of 14 months (instead of 26 months) will be purchased. 

On the work permit cards of helpers, there is also a QR code which can be scanned to check the work permit expiry date. 

If our agency is handling the work permit processing, we maintain communication with the helper, future employer and current employer to work towards a smooth transition on the targeted transfer date. 

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