I want to hire a helper who is currently abroad. How much does it cost and what does it cover?

Transparent breakdown in costs involved to hire a helper from abroad and what our services include

The breakdown in fees are as follows:

  • Service fee (differs according to country, refer to pricing plan here): We handle the entire hiring process with all necessary documentation and queries - this includes the preparation of the employment contract and safety agreement, taking care of the work permit application and issuance as well as purchasing the medical insurance and security bond on your behalf. All documents are signed electronically for your convenience and we also handle the communication and coordination with the Ministry of Manpower and all relevant parties involved, including our abroad agency partners. We also coordinate the documentation and procedures that have to be completed by the helper as required by the corresponding embassies.

  • MOM Fee - $70, at real cost: Work permit application and issuance administrative fee

  • Insurance - basic coverage starts from $269, at real cost: We selected NTUC Income as our partner based on the assessment of the quality of the coverage, the customer support and the best value-for-money offering
  • Medical checkup - $40

  • If the helper has never worked in Singapore before, there are additional costs of:
    Settling-In Programme - $75
    - Lodging x 2 nights - $70:  
    Lodging will be arranged at our lodging partner, Gap Year Hostel
    - Transportation - $100: 
    Transportation to fetch the helper from the airport, to the lodging and to the SIP training venue

Please reach out to us at support@wearecaring.com and we will follow up with you on the next steps of the hiring process.

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