What is the Premium plan?

Our Premium plan gives you immediate access to the contact numbers of helpers on our database, so you can contact them directly and arrange for interviews

Our Premium plan gives you immediate access to the phone numbers of all the helpers on our database. You can schedule interviews with them directly and conveniently, at your place or our office. Our experience shows that it is more convenient, faster and cheaper for prospective employers to arrange interviews directly with helpers, and for the interviews to be conducted at your own home.

New helper profiles are added on a daily basis and all helpers are screened and have received a consent to transfer from their current employer. 

Before purchasing the Premium plan, you can view for free the profiles of all candidates and watch their presentation videos.

You can then Go Premium to get access to all helpers' mobile numbers as well as the MOM employment history (PDF), feedback and/or reference letters from the current employer if available.

Our Premium plan is a one-time fee and is valid for either 10 or 30 days. It is not a subscription fee and there is NO automatic renewal.

Get started on your hiring journey - Go Premium here to start contacting helpers and arranging interviews with them. 

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