Am I able to process the hiring paperwork on my own?

All paperwork processing will be handled by our agency if you hire a helper through us

If you find your helper via We Are Caring, our agency must handle the paperwork process. This is also the most convenient and hassle-free way for you. The work permit processing can be tedious, and we take care of every step along the way. Please find here the costs involved, which include:

- Preparing the Employment Contract and Safety Agreement, taking care of the Work Permit application and issuance as well as purchasing the medical insurance and security bond on your behalf. 

- Maintaining communication with all parties involved in the transfer process (yourself, the helper, her current employer, MOM and our abroad agency partners where applicable). We also coordinate the documentation and procedures that have to be completed by the helper as required by the corresponding embassies.

-  Keeping track of the timeline and making sure that all documentation and processes are in place for a smooth transition on the targeted transfer date 

Documents like the Contract and Service Agreement are sent for electronic signatures, it's all paperless and there is no need for you to visit the office even once!

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